Services via Third Party Vendors

Contractor Verification System

ERI Solutions, Inc. (“ERI”) has entered into an agreement with FIRST VERIFY to bring contractor qualification and verification services to oui clients. FIRST, VERIFY will develop and maintain a web application and online database of self-reported vendor information with a proprietary user interface.  Vendors listed in the database will be classified according to whether or not they have provided the information necessary to satisfy pre-qualification or vendor approval requirements for your company as set forth in your company’s contractor requirements.


Industrial Cleaning Services

ERI Solutions, Inc. (“ERI”) has entered into an mutual master sub-contractor agreement with Hydro-Klean LLC to bring professional industrial cleaning services to our clients.  This relationship is due to the necessity for our non-destructive testing and inspection crews to have quality, efficient and effective industrial cleaning companies coordinate with us prior to and during industrial  facility shutdown activities.  This ensures equipment is cleaned correctly, on time and the professional non-destructive testing and inspection services and reports are accurate and valid.  Hydro Klean LLC currently has locations in Iowa, South Dakota and Minnesota.


Electrical Safety Services

ERI Solutions, Inc. (“ERI”) has entered into an agreement with Interstates Companies, Inc. to bring electrical safety services to our clients. Certain electrical safety services, such as arc flash hazard analysis, are required per NFPA 70E and able to be cited under OSHA’s General Duty Clause which requires employers to provide a workplace free from recognized hazards. Electrical safety services are very specialized and should be performed by a electrical engineering Professional Engineer (P.E.).