OSHA regulations require companies to have documented policies, procedures, forms, training, and other items in place to ensure that sources are keeping their employees safe.  Once a health and safety program has been developed, many of those documents will also need to be reviewed and/or updated periodically, some annually, some less frequently, some maybe even more frequently as regulations change.

ERI Solutions, Inc. (“ERI”) develops and maintains customizable safety and health programs for a variety of different industries.  The programs deliver safety policies, training, self-audits, written plan templates, a program guide, health bulletins, employee handbooks, safety audits, industry loss information as well as research and compliance analysis to ensure your company has the safety & health tools it needs to operate efficiently and safely.  Program materials are written in plain, easy-to-understand language, in English; and will be delivered via electronic format through the ERI Knowledge Base web portal.  Printed materials, as well as materials in a second language, are available for an additional fee.

We understand that often-times, a universal approach to safety & health just doesn’t work.  Because of that, we deliver site specific services.

Areas of service include:

  • Compliance Audit
  • Confined Space Profile Development
  • Custom Program Development & Implementation
  • DOT HAZMAT Security Plans
  • EH&S Management System Assessment
  • Emergency Evacuation Maps and Plans
  • General Health & Safety Consulting
  • Health & Safety Assessment
  • Industrial Hygiene Services
  • Layers Of Protection Analysis (LOPA)
  • Lockout/Tagout Procedure Development
  • Mechanical Integrity (MI) Program Development
  • NFPA 70E (Electrical Safe Work) Assessment
  • Online Training
  • On-Site Safety Assistance and Project Management
  • On-site Training
  • Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)
  • Process Safety Management (PSM) Program Development & Implementation Assistance
  • Process Safety Management (PSM) / Risk Management Plan (RMP)
  • Program Development
  • Template Safety Programs
  • Temporary and Part-Time Staffing