Management Systems

A Systems-Based Approach to EHS&S

Oftentimes we see companies struggle to put the pieces for compliance and loss control together. In some cases, failing to put the pieces together correctly or see how they could go together can cause duplication of work, or worse yet, something that can prevent a catastrophic event falls through the cracks.

ERI Solutions, Inc. (“ERI”) has developed a systems based approach we call MESSH (Management or Environmental, Safety, Security and Health). MESSH is a systems based approach is a methodology for evaluating and mitigating risk as opposed to mere compliance with regulatory requirements.

This type of approach allows management and workers to proactively recognize, evaluate and control safety and environmental issues before they become a significant company risk. This encompasses the continuous improvement philosophy used in quality management systems.

ERI’s certified and experienced professionals can tailor our MESSH system and work with your company to develop written management systems, programs and training tailored specifically to you. Note we also offer support in performing all of the requirements of the management systems we help to implement for any customer.

Serving both small and large public and private firms, ERI has monthly or annual packages that can include all of your annually required regulatory compliance and loss control services, or we can bid individual projects. In either case we will customize services for our customer.