Captive Management

ERI Solutions, Inc.(“ERI”) owns and manages ERM SPC, Ltd. (“ERM”), a segregated cell captive insurance company domiciled in the Cayman Islands.  The captive insurance company is designed to reinsure risks of qualified owners/shareholders.

How Captive Management Works

ERM is structured much like a traditional insurance company with the key difference being who benefits from the good loss experience.  The insured owners/shareholders of ERM receives returns of surplus and distributions when loss experience proves to be better than annual actuarial projections.

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Captive Management Results

The company is managed by ERI, governed by the elected Board of Directors which take direction from an Advisory Committee comprised of insured shareholders and four sub-committees as illustrated below:

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As a segregated portfolio captive insurance company, the ability to start new segregated portfolios and grow the company is continuously evaluated.  ERI continues to evaluate opportunities to develop additional homogeneous and/or heterogeneous programs to provide reinsurance for other companies, risks or industries.