ERI Solutions, Inc’s management team is comprised of individuals that bring a variety of education, certifications, experiences and technical expertise.  Our team is committed to ensure the satisfaction of its clients in through every activity which will in turn lead toward the success of our company.

Along with our internal leadership, we believe that our clients are truly our bosses, as satisfied clients are what make the company successful.  That being said we realize our programs and services need provide solutions for issues our clients are facing and need to meet or exceed their expectations upon delivery.  To ensure we continuously are doing just that, we developed an EH&S Steering Committee comprised of 5 of our clients that represent companies of varying size and varying expertise that are responsible for evaluating our programs and services and providing guidance on just how to continuously improve our offerings, not only for them, but for all industry.

  • Nathan Vander Griend

    Nathan Vander Griend

  • Jay Beckel CSP, CHMM

    Jay Beckel CSP, CHMM

    Sr. Vice President - Client Services
  • Joy Beckner

    Joy Beckner

    Vice President - Support Services
  • Doren Rhoades

    Doren Rhoades

    Vice President - Finance